Imagine a consciously curated community wherein all of humans’ basic needs- from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are met.

WAFE is a haven for talented artists in different disciplines, from visual to music and poetry; from tribal to high-concept art. Embracing each talent, WAFE will conduct workshops, festivals and art villages that will hone and nurture the craft of its fellow artists, preparing them to showcase their works to the world.

WAFE believes in the concept of self-sufficiency in the production of food by creating their own vegetable and fruit garden right in their own backyard. The bounty from this garden and partnerships with local farmers and food companies will enable ACDY to create their own food products and produce culinary shows and workshops featuring local and international recipes.

They are also one with the world in ensuring that we leave a better planet for future generations to enjoy. An ambitious plan to develop an environmental haven that will promote eco-tourism, environmental care and sustenance is currently in the works.

The Design Yard’s brainchild, Alodia Cecilia, a young, passionate, highly motivated designer and artist, has creativity running through her veins. A product of various art and fashion schools, her work has been exhibited locally and internationally, landing as far as Paris. She works mainly with indigenous materials, creatively merging a maximalist mind with a minimalist vision.

Together with her team at WAFE, they hope to keep pushing the boundaries of their craft, for a more sustainable future.


We explore different aspects of clothing design by creating diverse heirloom quality pieces under the brand, AlodiaCecilia. Wardrobe Staples and Styling under the brand, ACMS (All Classic Modern Staples)




“Continuous Flow”

The vibrational energy exchange of the heart, mind, body and soul.


“Cultural Comradeship”

An expression of learning more about culture while building camaraderie during travels around the world,

Expressing art and design by bringing harmony from our differences, and the freedom to learn more about the world in our own way.


“From Couth to Uncouth”

We are joining the movement of the up-cycling community, in an attempt to take it a notch “haute-r”.


(All Classic Modern Staples)

Curating your personal wardrobe with a conscious approach; clothing pieces of under-rated luxury, sophistication simplified. A style that shows off your personality, silhouettes that suit your body, and nothing trendy.

Providing a line-up of silk and cotton button-down shirts, twill trousers, cotton & linen dresses, top & bottom set, in muted earth tones with a shy burst of color, and clean patterns.


Discovering and honing talented undiscovered artists by conducting workshops, building art villages, and producing festivals, while providing a safe place for artists to explore their craft and a platform to share their talents with our partnered communities.


Curating weekly pantry staples, fresh produce and pre-packed food items in partnership with local farm communities, and from our very own ACDY herb and vegetable garden.



Turning idle spaces into innovative up-cycling stations by setting-up urban farms that would provide fresh vegetable produce, and supply for upcoming cooking shows, intimate dinner parties, and weekly pantry staple service in ACDY.


Transforming idle provincial lands into a flourishing self-sustaining community, integrating both traditional practices and modern-technology. We will provide impoverished locals an opportunity to regain dignity, while giving those nature-loving city dwellers a breezy transition from urban life to farm life. Systematically, building a village that would benefit both groups of individuals through a healthy exchange of services and goods.